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Our goal is to be a great company to work for. Our plan is to address every negative stigma about restaurant work until people in our industry understand the real value in the work we do. We believe that inviting people into a comfortable environment, feeding them, hosting them as they celebrate life’s greatest moments, as well as gathering through life’s most difficult moments, is an important and honorable way to spend a life.

We’re committed to never stop applying pragmatic innovation that allows us to pay people working in every position of our restaurants the salary they deserve. As well as paying above industry salaries, every employee shares in the profit we make through quarterly bonuses, receives paid time off, an employer-matched 401(k)-retirement plan, free memberships to multiple local gyms, free therapy sessions, free chiropractic adjustments, and many other company perks.


“Ninety-Nine Bar” has been my family’s cattle brand since the 1930’s.  We no longer raise cattle, but my friends Clint & Mary Kay Buckner raise the highest quality grass-fed beef you can get, right here in Longmont.  Since we’ll only be serving this local, family-owned beef, it seemed like a great opportunity to bring back our family brand!

Q:  What’s a SALOON?
A:  A public room or building used for a specific purpose

Our “specific purpose” is to create a comfortable space to gather with friends and eat high quality comfort food, enjoy a cold drink, and maybe even watch your favorite team on TV.

Thanks for taking the time to read this; more to come!

Sincerely, Sean Gafner

99 Bar Saloon